I know how hard it is to get young kids out of the house to go somewhere - even quick outings require you to pack enough snacks, diapers, and toys to make you think you’ll be gone for a week. And who wants to wrestle kids in and out of carseats just to find out that your destination isn’t kid-friendly? That’s why I’ve decided to visit Triangle area sites to see if they’re worth your trip. I won’t use a rating system but I’ll try to describe what you’ll see well enough for you to decide if your kids would find it interesting. I’ll also give you the heads up on bathrooms, stroller accessibility and any other SNAFUs I encounter.


Neuse River Trail milepost 19 - 17.75 (Poole Rd. to Anderson Point Park)

      Took my toddler on this section in the one-child stroller. Some significant hills on this section - the first one is about half a mile from milepost 19. Also some twisty turns. View of the river is mostly obscured by trees and underbrush but would probably be better in winter.

      Saw a cow in someone's backyard. Briefly paralleled a neighborhood street. You encounter the bridge shortly before entering Anderson Point Park. Trail spits you out at the corner of Anderson by the Retreat Cottage and a small softball field.

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